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do more good

passion-driven purpose

The Do More Good™ Partner Pact is a recognition of your commitment to the growing community of businesses, consultants, nonprofits and other entities who believe that every business should aspire to serve all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Social, community, environmental and economic well-being are inextricably interconnected. Businesses aligned with Do More Good™ are prepared to elevate purpose in their own business and encourage others to do the same.

As a Do More Good™ Partner, we commit to the spirit of using business as a means for doing good in the world and being an advocate to help educate, inspire and empower businesses to pursue a path to purpose. We agree that when matters come before our leaders, we will take into consideration the social and environmental impact of our decisions.

become a partner

At Do More Good™ our goal is to help educate, inspire and empower organizations to pursue their path to purpose—but we recognize there is no single path to purpose and want to be inclusive of all Social Enterprise Movements.

To become a Do More Good™ Partner, you simply need to indicate that you are actively using your business as a force for good. Become a partner by either:

  • Signing the Do More Good™ Partner Pact
  • Providing proof that you are a Benefit Corporation, a Certified B Corp, a member of 1% for the Planet or aligned with Conscious Capitalism